Macworld | iWorld

For Apple and its fans, Macworld Expo (later renamed to Macworld | iWorld) was once the the biggest event of the year. Sadly, Macworld | iWorld is no more; the final event was in 2014.

In the 1990's, I began presenting sessions at the Expo and continued to do so until the final event. Appropriately enough, my last session, titled Confessions of an Apple Writer, offered a look back at my career. To download the Keynote file for this presentation, click here.


I have been a regular guest on the MacVoices (formerly MacNotables) podcast, hosted by Chuck Joiner, since it began in 2005. I have occasionally appeared on other podcasts.

User groups

Back before my retirement, I was a regular speaker at a variety of Macintosh Users Groups (MUGs) — especially ones in northern California: the Silicon Valley MUG, the Diablo Valley MUG, and MacNexus (in Sacramento).

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