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In addition to Bugs & Fixes, I continue to write op-ed pieces for Macworld. My most recent entry was "How much will Apple change iOS and OS X?." In it, I offered my hopes, fears and expectations as to what Apple would reveal at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) the following week.

After the WWDC Keynote, I posted a Slanted Viewpoint blog entry, "WWDC: Apple delivers the goods," where I reviewed Apple's keynote announcements and considered how well they matched up with what I had predicted.

Yesterday, I posted yet another WWDC-related item: "Apple’s not-so-secret iOS game controller strategy" — offering my take on what Apple has up its sleeve with this forth-coming peripheral support.

By the way, I attended WWDC this year. Given how hard it is to get a ticket, and how expensive tickets are, I strongly suspect this will be the last year I attend. If so, it was a great way to go out. From the Mac Pro to the redesigned iOS 7, it was a year for big announcements. And the sessions I attended were enjoyable, often surprisingly so given that I am not a "real" developer. I even managed to snag a "Stump the Experts" t-shirt! The final session, with Bill Nye, was the perfect way to send the attendees on their way. Congrats Apple!

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